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One of the leading names in the food and dairy products processing equipment market; Gemak was started in 1969. Highly specialized in the turnkey design of dairy and beverage processing plants, Gemak has installed state-of-the-art prepared food lines to process honey, desserts, tomato, sauces, jam and chocolate for various multinational manufacturers all over the world. Our key competencies include process development, automation solutions and production of a wide variety of equipment like pasteurizers, homogenizers, mixers, pumps, tanks and vessels to the highest quality standards. We take pride in delivering products and tailor-made solutions that perfectly match the requirements, budget and expectations. Our customers choose Gemak as a trusted solution provider for their new projects…


Village Dairy-Food Processing

Village Dairy-Food Processing About the Project Preston – UK – Yogurth – Cream –Turnkey Plant Installation  –  5.000 lt/h Capacity – Completed on 2016 Click For More

Fresh Pasteur-Food Processing

Fresh Pasteur-Food Processing About the Project Wakefield – UK – Dairy Processing–Turnkey Plant Installation  –  5.000 lt/h Capacity – Completed on 2012 Click For More

Tomlinson-Food Processing

Tomlinson-Food Processing About the Project Wrexham, UK – Cream – 15 Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Valve Matrix,  Pumps – 10.000 lt/h Capacity – Ongoing Click For More


Pharmactive-Pharmaceutical About the Project Tekirdag, TR – Syrup Mixing – Ultra Clean Tank, Transfer System, Pumps, CIP Unit – 10.000 lt/h Capacity – Completed on 2015 Click For More

El Fayum-CIP (Cleaning-In-Place)

El Fayum-CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) About the Project AlFayum City – Egypt – CIP System – Automatic CIP System Module – 2 Lines, 20.000 lt/h Capacity Forward Lines  – Completed on 2016 Click For More

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Heat Exchanger, Equipment


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