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Gemak; a privately owned company located in Ankara, Turkey, has unrivalled experience in providing equipment, solutions and turn key plant design to the food processing market. Highly specialized in dairy and beverage processing, Gemak also develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of equipment for prepared food business used in processing tomato, desserts, jam, honey, chocolate, mayonnaise and many more.   

We have a well deserved reputation for developing solutions to perfectly match our customers’ expectations. Our ability to provide the full range of equipment, project and process design, installation and start-up services under one roof by our own team of experts, makes us unique in the business. We have completed many projects including turn key plants for a wide variety of different applications all around the world, UK, UAE, France, Romania, Ukraine, Greece and pretty much all of the Middle East region to name a few. Our long list of satisfied customers choose Gemak for their new projects based on their long term ownership experience.   

Gemak has a state-of-the-art production facility covering an area of 23,000m2  and a research and development center located in the industrial region of Ankara. Our Dairy Business Unit is responsible for managing projects to design, manufacture and supply turn key plants, milk reception, pasteurization, standardization, UHT treatment, cheese, yoghurt, ayran, cream, milk powder, whey and ice cream lines. A dedicated team of engineers develop the automation infrastructure and software while parts, maintenance and technical support by our after sales team is at your service whenever necessary.

Gemak is the trusted solution partner and regional distributor for established brands like ALFA LAVAL, ANDRITZ, BERTOLI, HPM, GRUNDFOS, TEKNOICE, LAIEF, PACKINT, BERTUZZI, SINITECH, ALIMA BIS and HANS G. WERNER in Turkey.


01 December 2016